Internation Construction Company Severnoe Zodchestvo is the largest company in Russia that builds wooden houses manually. It has been agreed between independant Russian and foreign experts that ICC "Severnoe Zodchestvo" is among leading companies in house construction industry.

Contract reservation

Our company manufactures only hand-cut houses and log cabins. The work is executed by qualified carpenters «Architects». Manufacture process of such house is more labour-intensive and time-consuming and involves more manufacturing expenses than machine manufacture of wooden houses. Therefore, production volume of hand-cut houses is limited by certain natural forces.

If you cannot by some reason enter into contract at the moment, we can offer you the possibility to reserve construction contract for the necessary month.

The cost of contract reservation is 1000 euro. The sum paid for contract reservation is then included in payment for the house. Invoices for reservation payment is made on request in the company office.

Use contact form below or call +7 (903) 576-31-60 to ask a question or make a reservation.

At the moment two construction sites are in operation: one is used for construction of small log cabins with the floor space up to 200 m2, and the other is used for construction of wooden houses of any floor space without restriction. Our company is planning to open the third construction site with the possibility to manufacture simultaneously up to 50-80 houses of different floor space.

See the photo of the construction sites where small houses are manufactured.



Product information

You can inquire for futher information using contact form below.