Internation Construction Company Severnoe Zodchestvo is the largest company in Russia that builds wooden houses manually. It has been agreed between independant Russian and foreign experts that ICC "Severnoe Zodchestvo" is among leading companies in house construction industry.



Shipped material capacity:

  • motor transport 28-30 m3.
  • railway transport 60-65 m3.
  • transportation by sea in 40 feet container 35-40 m3.

Products’ shipping in maritime containers is provided to any country all the year around. Each 10 days one of the vessels operating on the following lines sails off from the port of Arkhangelsk: 

Arkhangelsk — the Netherlands (Rotterdam) — Belgium (Antwerp) — Arkhangelsk.
Arkhangelsk — Belgium (Antwerp) — Germany (Bremen) — Germany (Hamburg) — Arkhangelsk.

 Vessels on the following lines operate on monthly basis: Arkhangelsk — Great Britain (Liverpool) — Arkhangelsk. Freight is shipped through these ports to any destination (to any country) in accordance with the client's instructions.

Estimated cost of shipment:

Ukraine, Byelorussia, Lithuania, Latvia, Estonia:
- motor transport 2000-2500 EUR (1 vehicle)
Freight money (railway transport) in Ukraine 1000 EUR.

Poland, Romania, Czechia, Slovakia, Hungary:
- motor transport 2500 EUR (1 vehicle)

Germany, Austria, Czechia:
- motor transport 2500-3000 EUR (1 vehicle)

Greece, Turkey, Italy, France, Spain, Portugal:
- motor transport 3500-4000 EUR (1 vehicle)

Germany, Norway, Denmark:
- transportation by sea in container 2000 EUR

Israel, the Netherlands, Belgium, Norway, Switzerland, Denmark, Great Britain, France, USA:
- transportation by sea in container 2500-3000 EUR

Prices given are approximate. Exact cost of transportation is estimated considering list of rates on the day of shipment.

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Product information

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