Internation Construction Company Severnoe Zodchestvo is the largest company in Russia that builds wooden houses manually. It has been agreed between independant Russian and foreign experts that ICC "Severnoe Zodchestvo" is among leading companies in house construction industry.

Northern Switzerland

International Construction Company "Severnoe Zodchestvo" produces handmade log houses. Our houses are widely appreciated in Europe due to the architectural style and the high quality of performance. More and more people in Russia and abroad give preference to houses built by our company.

Today we offer residents of the Arkhangelsk region to become owners of luxury houses in the cottage complex "Northern Switzerland, and to truly appreciate the quality of our work.

Northern Switzerland

Cottage Complex northern Switzerland is situated 7 minutes away from the city of Arkhangelsk, on the turn in the direction to Vaskovo. The territory of the complex includes individual land area of 20 hectare. All cottages are built of logs by individual project.

Affordable prices include the cost of ready to move in, with the finishing houses, land, communications (light, sewerage, heating, hot and cold water), roads and security. Cottage complex architecture is unique not only in Arkhangelsk, but throughout Russia.

Northern Switzerland

Cottage settlement "Northern Switzerland

The village is located in one of the most picturesque and ecologically clean places the Arkhangelsk region. Cottage community provides its residents comfortable conditions for recreation and relax. Thanks to the full equipping of village utilities, one can live there for a whole year around.

    The complex territory 7ga includes 32 individual plots with an area of ​​20 ares. Houses are built based on individual projects of our company or any other project desired by client.

Provided infrastructure - roads, lighting of the village, electrical substation with capacity of 630 kV, fencing around the perimeter of the village, guest parking, a playground, a decorative pond.

Also planned to build an office building with a restaurant on the ground floor and offices on the second.

The special feature of the settlement will be parking lot of water transport in flowing within 400 m r.Isakogorka. This will undoubtedly appeal to all lovers of water transport and fishing enthusiasts active lifestyle. And, of course, do not forget about the emerging opportunities to reach the city center on water (spring, summer, autumn).

The settlement can be reached either on its own road transport and in public.

Cost of a cottage based on the cost of 1 square. meter area of ​​the house, depending on the project, its design and the proposed configuration.

     Cottage complex architecture is unique not only in Arkhangelsk, but throughout Russia.

Plan settlement