Internation Construction Company Severnoe Zodchestvo is the largest company in Russia that builds wooden houses manually. It has been agreed between independant Russian and foreign experts that ICC "Severnoe Zodchestvo" is among leading companies in house construction industry.

Petrovich village

Construction of cottage community only 50 minutes far from Moscow.

Under the state program "construct low-rise Russia," company Severnoe Zodchestvo is participating together with the non-profit partnership "Regions of XXI Century" in the construction of the village in Zaoksky district of Tula region.

Северное Зодчество строит поселок под Москвой
Северное Зодчество ген план поселка по Симферопольскому ..
Village Petrovich in the country is located on a beautiful strawberry meadow, surrounded by a beautiful forest.

The village is located 89 km to Simferopol highway. It is easily accessible both on your own, and on public transport.
"Petrovich in the country" - is a cottage community of 140 sites, ranging in size from 7 to 40 hectare. Of which: 26 are located along the forest boundary, 17 and 11 at the lake sites in the woods. All other sites have their own access to green recreational areas and walkways inside the village. The total area of ​​24.5 hectares of the village.

There will be a lot of different houses combining general idea. The concept of village-club - optimism, democracy, nostalgia for all that was good in our past and will in the future. This will be an unusual village, whose inhabitants will be convenient, fun and interesting to live.

Prices, as well as the atmosphere in the village - are quite friendly. The minimum cost is 1200eu for 100 square meters. Separate amounts paid for electricity, gas, beautiful fences and other facilities.
You can build any house on our web site, or suggest your own project.
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