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Russian forum "Effective state: authority and business partnership"

The all-Russian forum "Effective state: authority and business partnership" took place on the 28th of February in the administrative affairs office of the president in Moscow (24 Bolshaya Yakimanka str., President-Hotel)

Forum initiators: RF Federal Council Committee on industrial policy, RF State Duma Committee on technical regulation and Economic working group under RF President Administration.

Forum targets: designing authority and business joint proposal on reversal of administrative obstacles, creating healthy competitive environment and optimization of state presence in key trades. The basic accent has been made on developing and starting mechanisms of enterprising community participation in the economic policy, improvement of state management, distribution of government contractual work, holding of tenders, corruption resistance in the sphere of governmental control, intensification of self-regulating organisations activity.

Topical discussion in the form framework:

  1. Administrative obstacles in construction sector.
  2. Administrative obstacles, connected with certification, licensing and regulatory activity.
  3. Effective budgetary management: authority and business partnership"
  4. Effective governmental control in fuel-and-energy sector.

Contact information:
Tel.: (495) 205-3546, (495) 545-3516.
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My dear friends!

I greet with fervour opening of the "All-Russian Business Forum" National priorities and social projects. Government and business partnership" Its carrying out proves the growing interest of our society to the global problems of the Russian economy, pensions system, agro-industrial sector, education and medicine, social corporative policy. Todays discussion of the questions concerning the improvement of the  state and business society interaction in national tasks solution is necessary for elaboration of innovation measures for structural reconstruction of the most important spheres of life in our country, creation of the favourable federally and regionally social and economic environment. I am sure that constructive topic threads will start in the forum framework, and results of its work will contribute to strengthening partnership relations of public authorities, academic circles and business groups in defining new strategies of the Russia long-term development. I wish you interesting talks, successful business contacts, happiness and prosperity.

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