Internation Construction Company Severnoe Zodchestvo is the largest company in Russia that builds wooden houses manually. It has been agreed between independant Russian and foreign experts that ICC "Severnoe Zodchestvo" is among leading companies in house construction industry.


Cottage complex "Salamaty" is situated 5 minutes from the city of Arkhangelsk region Isakogorki. The territory of the complex includes individual plots ranging from 12 to 20 hectare. Cottages can be built out of logs, lumber, bricks based on an individual project.

Beautyful nature, verdant hills - only 500 meters away from river Isakogorka! The complex has all conditions for winter and summer living and recreation in the open

We have the cheapest cost of land, only - 250eu per 1 sq.m.!


Example of houses:

  • house project 3-20 total area of 80 m2
  • house project 9-001 total area of 128 m2
  • house project 9-002 total area of 133 m2
  • house project 9-003 total area 126 m2
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